Low in place or position; inferior; servile; of subordinate degree; impure, adulterated, or alloyed
@ base animal
See animal
@ base bullion
Base silver bullion is silver in bars mixed to a greater or less extent with alloys or base materials
@ base coin
Debased, adulterated, or alloyed coin (e.g. copper, nickel) as distinguished from silver or gold
@ base court
In old English law, an inferior court, that is, not of record, as the court baron
@ base estate
The estate which "base tenants" (q.v.) have in their land
@ base fee
One that may last forever if the contingency does not happen, but debased because its duration depends upon collateral circumstances which qualify it; sometimes called a conditional, determinable, or qualified fee.
In old English law, an estate or fee which has a qualification subjoined thereto, and which must be determined whenever the qualification annexed to it is at an end. Scobey v. Beckman, 111 Ind.App. 574, 41 N.E.2d 847, 850
+ base fee
A determinable or qualified fee; an estate having the nature of a fee, but not a fee simple absolute.
@ base services
In feudal law, such services as were unworthy to be performed by the nobler men, and were performed by the peasants and those of servile rank. 2 Bl.Comm. 62
@ base tenants
Tenants who performed to their lords services in villeinage; tenants who held at the will of the lord, as distinguished from frank tenants, or freeholders
@ base tenure
A tenure by villeinage, or other customary service, as distinguished from tenure by military service; or from tenure by free service
base, noun
Bottom, foundation, groundwork, that on which a thing rests. The locality on which a military or naval force relies for supplies or from which it initiates operations; e.g. air base; military base; marine base; naval base; submarine base
@ base line
Survey line used in the government survey to establish township lines. Horizontal elevation line used as centerline in a highway survey
@ base pay
Wages, exclusive of overtime, bonuses, etc

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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